"Kitchen Reality: a brand new concept in focus group suites!"

Kitchen Reality, a kitchen “just like home"!

A focus group facility that seamlessly morphs into an everyday kitchen, encouraging respondents to communicate in a natural, yet casual and proactive way.

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Kitchen Reality, make yourself at home in our new test kitchen!

For market research respondents, the room is like a stage where everyone can demonstrate their own particular way of preparing and consuming food.

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Kitchen Reality, get your consumers to lay it on the table!

Kitchen Reality understands the unique and active contribution of each of its respondents. Consumer recruitment is both conducted and controlled in-house by a team of 12 trained recruiters.

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Puzzle Paris, over 30 years of focus group expertise!

Puzzle Paris, partner to qualitative market-research companies and institutes, advertising and marketing agencies, and image and brand-strategy consultancies.

Puzzle Paris created a new concept of focus group suites designed for testing mass-market consumer products. 

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