"Kitchen Reality, casual but focused!"

Eureka! A focus group facility “just like home”!

The first time they see it, moderators are delighted, with typical comments like “Exactly what I was looking for!” Half meeting room, half ordinary kitchen, the ambience is just right for respondents to chat naturally and openly with each other and the moderator. Its relaxed and reassuring homelike atmosphere draws consumers out, for enriching conversations and crucial learnings. Designed specifically to satisfy the needs and methodology of moderators and their qual research clients.

Respondents say the same: “just like home” – verbatim!

En effet l'animation d'un groupe est naturellement conviviale dans une cuisine, les participants deviennent des convives dans un cadre qui fait référence rééllement au quotidien de chacun. Le bénéfice de ce cadre de réunion réaliste donne davantage de crédibilité aux déclarations des participants et créé de la valeur à l'observation des comportements en direct.

The kitchen is the heart of the home, Kitchen Reality is in the heart of Paris!

Straight out of the Opéra métro, smack dab in the middle of Paris, both you and your respondents will easily find the Kitchen Reality focus group suite:


23 boulevard des Capucines - 75002 Paris - France

Equipment and services include:

Watching your qualitative research live from our viewing-room or, thanks to the latest technology, via live-streaming to your own computer or office.

We also provide, at no extra cost:



In Situ shopping : 

  • Merchandizing mockups and shelf sets

Creative groups:

  • Large white walls for “write and wipe”

Fully-integrated HD technology:

  • mp3 / mp4 audio and video recording
  • Broadband internet connection

On-line focus groups: 

  • Secure live-streaming

Focus Group - HD reproduction :

  • DVD burning for immediate take-away
  • All files available for download at your convenience

Observation of web-browsing :

  • Picture to Picture

All for the price of a standard focus group suite of meeting and dedicated viewing rooms.


Optional extras:


Before the group

  • Respondent recruitment
  • Documentation translation (concepts, guide, etc.)

During the group:


  • Moderation or interviewing
  • Note-taking
  • Interpreting
  • Behavioral analysis: eye tracking
  • Analyse du comportement : Eyes Tracking

After the group :

  • Transcription

Kitchen Reality, you make the recipe, we make it happen!

According to your particular objectives, we conduct groups and kitchen tests.

Any question ?