Kitchen Reality est un espace à vivre qu’on s’approprie !

The Kitchen Reality Test Kitchen is a living area that brands and consumers can really own. Its key strategic feature is providing a comfortable “white brand” household kitchen embodying the soul of the French home.


Wathever the methodology, this realistic qual research facility acts as a stage for respondents, brands, products and services, where everyone can highlight their own particular way of preparing and consuming food.


"No Brand, No Logo"

The Kitchen Reality Test Kitchen was specifically designed as “white brand” for greater flexibility of all types of kitchen equipment, letting brands meld into this well-appointed 50 m² (500 sq. ft.) area as naturally as possible.


Inside this realistic test room representative of typical Paris kitchens, qualitative researchers can watch, hear and assess what consumers actually say and do with respect to new products or services under the best possible conditions, gaining valuable insights and learnings.


Equipment included:

You can watch your market research live from our own Paris viewing-room or, thanks to the latest technology, via live-streaming to your own computer or office.

We also provide, at no extra cost:


 “Hot” testing: :                                       

  • 6 free-standing hobs
  • 2 standard ovens
  • 6 micro-waves

“Cold” testing:

  • 3 deep-freezers
  • 3 fridges

Cooking LAB :                                         

  • Dishes, cutlery & utensils

In Situ shopping : 

  • Merchandizing mockups and shelf sets

Creative groups:

  • Large white walls for “write and wipe”

Fully-integrated HD technology:

  • mp3 / mp4 audio and video recording
  • Broadband internet connection

On-line focus groups: 

  • Secure live-streaming

Focus Group - HD reproduction :

  • DVD burning for immediate take-away
  • All files available for download at your convenience

Observation of web-browsing :

  • Picture to Picture

All for the price of a standard focus group suite of meeting and dedicated viewing rooms.


Optional extras:


Before the group

  • Respondent recruitment
  • Documentation translation (concepts, guide, etc.)

During the group:


  • Moderation or interviewing
  • Note-taking
  • Interpreting
  • Behavioral analysis: eye tracking
  • Analyse du comportement : Eyes Tracking

After the group :

  • Transcription

Kitchen Reality, you make the recipe, we make it happen!

According to your particular objectives, we conduct groups and kitchen tests.

Any question ?